Ved mani mājās Vol. 2 | Take me home Vol. 2

Outsider, loner, outcast, someone who does not fit in a certain group – postcard titles for people who often enough are “uncomfortable” and even unwelcome in society. But what if these people establish their own group, where everyone can let go of their traumatic and negative experiences, that interfere with fitting in the daily life? How to get out of the self-inflicted loop of causation? How to regain trust in someone, who advocates a better life? How heavy is the price of emotional freedom?

Documentary tales of shelter animals constitute the base of the plot, that looks for the binder between the animal and the human through form without distinguishing which deserves to be saved – the dog or the owner, the body or the soul?

Cast: Margaret (Małgorzata) Apse, Elīna Bojarkina, Anastasija Rekuta-Dzhordzhevich, Rūdolfs Apse
Director, dramaturg: Edgars Niklasons
Composer: Evija Vēbere
Choreographer: Jānis Putniņš
Multimedia designers: Evita Bēta, Vladislavs Loiks
Producer: Anete Enikova
In cooperation with animal shelter "Ulubele"
September 29, 2021