(iz)dzīvot pirmdienu | Surviving Monday

Utopian opera “(iz)dzīvot pirmdienu” (“Surviving Monday”), based on true events, tells a story of boundaries in youth relationships, impact on peers and alternative options. How much is really required to ruin a person? Is there a way back? How to go on living if one is to blame?

The events unfold during a PE class, when pupils are most vulnerable and exposed to their inadequacies, or quite the opposite – enjoy showing off with confidence. For an enhanced experience, the performance itself takes place in a gym of a school, utilising props found on set, and upon entrance the audience are required to change for appropriate footwear.

Cast: Margaret (Małgorzata) Apse, Anastasija Rekuta-Dzhordzhevich, Rūdolfs Apse, Marat Efendiyev (Марат Эфендиев), Igor Nazarenko (Игорь Назаренко), chamber orchestra “Teika” (conductor: Kārlis Ostrovskis) and pupils from a variety of Latvian schools
Director, dramaturg: Edgars Niklasons
Dramaturgy consultant: Una Lekuze
Choreographer: Jānis Putniņš
Composer: Goran Gora
Lighting designer: Niks Cipruss
Sound designer: Andris Jeziks
Producer: Initium
Supported by State Culture Capital Foundation, Riga State Technical School, British Council Latvia
December 6, 2019