PandemiJa | PandemIc

The performance and the means used in it are like a loud cry of the young people in response to the new enclosing and sterile environment. Inability of pursuing a career, fear, frustration, present day absurdity has forced the artistic team towards creating a dreamlike collage, where the camera and puppets become their stage partners. Through the use of mixed techniques, we move into a world that takes on the pandemic, in a crooked mirror we reflect the mundane nature of life, but also face the greatest traumas and fears.

Cast: Margaret (Małgorzata) Apse, Rūdolfs Apse, Magdalena Bednarek, Anna Konieczna, Karolina Mazurek, Anna Nieciąg, Katarzyna Pilewska, Karol Sławek, Agata Słowik, Zbyszek (cameo)
Director, dramaturg: Agata Biziuk
Set and costume designer: Marika Wojciechowska
Composer: Natasza Topor
Choreographer: Anna Sawicka-Hodun
Lighting designer: Maciej Iwańczyk
Cinematographer: Tobiasz Czołpiński
Editor: Jonasz Czołpiński
Assistant director: Rūdolfs Apse
4th year diploma performance of the A. Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art, Branch Campus in Białystok
July 14, 2020